Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Is Batista Leaving WWE

Batista Leaving WWE after His Current Contract Expires
Batista is Leaving WWE. Seven talents were released by WWE last week, and it seems now that yet another top star of the arena is on his way out from the WWE. According to many insiders and news aired all around, the former champion of WWE, Batista who holds a special place in every fan’s heart will no more be a part of WWE after this week.
It is being said that Batista is now committed towards focusing more on movies rather than wrestling. All this comes into the picture because the contract of Batista with WWE has either expired or will expire in short duration. On the other side, it seems ironical, but Batista has lost a role in a movie after it was learnt that he would leave WWE. ‘Killing Karma’ was set to cast Batista as a character, but he was replaced by Triple H the moment the movie team realized that Batista will not be a part of WWE after Sunday’s match with John Cena.
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