Tuesday, 21 June 2011

WWE RAW Memorial Day Preview For 05.30.2011

Tonight’s WWE Monday Night RAW for May 30, 2011 will be live from the Qwest Center in Omaha, Nebraska. What’s in stored for tonight?
Happy Memorial Day! Today the last Monday of May is to commemorate/honor Americans who have died in wars and in service especially those members in the armed forces such as the U.S. Service Members men and women. Today can be seen as a day of sadness to morn loss ones, but it can also be seen as a day to very proud of to celebrate and commend the U.S special armed forces for the capture & demise of the world’s most wanted terrorist known as Osama bin Laden in last month of April 9, 2011. It light of everything that has taken place over the tiresome years of war, one can truly indeed say the words “Geronimo”.
Tonight on RAW, Kharma formerly known as Awesome Kong, is schedule to address the WWE Universe. There has been news spreading like wildfire about WWE Diva Kharma being pregnant. The breaking news came last week when it was also announced here that WWE Diva Kharma who’s real name is Kia Stevens, was indeed pregnant and would obviously no doubt require time off for the pregnancy. Note that no official announcement about such news has been made from Kia herself as yet to the public. Regardless, this has somewhat left a few more in the Universe still asking the question, is Kharma really pregnant, or is that just an internet rumor? Kharma was indeed killing the competition each time she came out to the ring when she made an appearance even though not scheduled for a match. Each time she came out the WWE Universe got behind her as the majority was impressed at the level of power and dominance that she brought to the table. When its all said and done, what will the pernicious force known as Kharma have to say tonight about her un-expected emotional breakdown in the center of the ring surronded by eight (8) other Divas last Monday on RAW?
What is next for Michael Cole? Michael Cole as one might or might not want to say, has been on a role the past couple months getting on the WWE Universe’s nerves as well as the divas and all other personalities as well with his entire gimmicks and loudmouth critic attitude. Has Cole’s character very well have come to an end so to speak?
There were however some moments deserving of laughter nonetheless during a period when The Rock put Michael Cole in his place when he delivered a Rock Bottom followed by The People’s Elbow four (4) weeks ago on RAW. Following the events after that, what truly put the icing on the cake and had the Universe enjoying the moment was definitely when Lawler defeated Cole at Over The Limit PPV and had him kiss the feet. At the PPV Bret Hart locked in the sharpshooter on Cole after he lost and made him kissed the feet of Lawler with a bit of added BBQ sauce from Jim Ross. Last Monday Night on RAW, Michael Cole actually came out says that he wanted to apologize to Lawler, Josh Matthews, Justin Roberts, the timekeeper and to everyone watching at home for his reprehensible (blameworthy) behavior over the last few months. Cole also mentions that he wants to broadcast on RAW again like he has done for years without anymore “Cole Mines” and no more matches. Now that Cole has seemingly gone back to simply commentary, what direction is next for the so called voice of the WWE and play-by-play commentator known as Michael Cole tonight on RAW?
Alex Riley have certainly seemed to have grown a set of testicles so to speak as stated by John Cena, when he gave Miz a beatdown last week on RAW. Ever since The Miz lost the WWE Championship to John Cena at Extreme Rules PPV in a Triple Threat match involving John Morrison as well. The Miz continues to blame Riley for his continued loses to re-capture back the WWE Championship. Last week The Miz crossed the line with all the insults, rudeness and additional demeaning of Riley which seemed to have reached a boiling point and then fired him followed by shoving Riley in the face. Alex snapped and then opened up a can of whoopass on Miz, tearing off his shirt and leaving him laid out in the ring looking up at the ceiling in wonderland! What is next for the so Alex Riley who was labeled as the so called former Vice President of Corporate Communications for The Miz? Will or can Miz even do anything concerning what took place last week on RAW? Also, now that The Miz doesn’t have Riley tagging alongside him as a sort of backup plan and he is no longer champion, what is “Really” next of The Miz?
The New Nexus, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty are now the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions. Last week on RAW they managed to defeat Kane & The Big Show due to interference from Mason Ryan & CM Punk on the outside. During the match Punk kicked Show in the back of the head allowing Otunga & McGillicutty to deliver a double DDT behind the referee’s back in order to win and become champions. Later on in the night, the upcoming Scott Stanford was interviewing the former champs backstage until Alberto came up with smiles on his face talking in Spanish, then slapped Big Show across the face and ran away like a b***h! The cameras then got knocked down for a while then got back up, as Big Show was seen on the ground holding his knee as it seemed he was hit by Alberto’s Ferrari being driven by Ricardo Rodriguez. It is now however being announced that Big Show is alleged to have suffered an injury to his knee and will be out of action for a few weeks. In case one didn’t know, Big Show real name Paul Donald Wight is now set to be a guest on the latest upcoming USA episode of “Burn Notice”. This stunt backstage can be seen as a way for Big Show take some time off to start filming for his role in Burn Notice and then bounce right back.
It has also been reported as well as various rumors on the internet that CM Punk’s contract is coming to an end and he might be leaving as he has not signed off on a new deal as yet. With that said, there has also been some speculations that Punk might just be next in line for a Championship opportunity which some feel would probably somewhat persuade The Straight-Edge Savior to stay in the game a little while longer. Now that the Nexus as they might say, stole the Tag Team Championships, can CM Punk uplift this group even further all in the motto of “Faith”?
Finally, the anonymous RAW General Manager gimmick still continues to lag on as to the identity behind those emails . What order of authority does the GM have in stored next? What surprises, drama & entertainment are in stored for the WWE Universe? See this and more tonight on Monday Night RAW !
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