Monday, 20 June 2011

john cena world heavyweight champion

Well, it happened. John Cena is World Heavyweight Champion. This is his first (and hopefully last) World Title. John has been a WWE Champion before, but this win marks a new chapter in his championship career.
The World Heavyweight Championship has more prestige than the WWE Championship. Compare over 40 years of history to over 100 years of history, and the World Title will come out on top every time.
I will admit that I respect Cena's passion and love for this sport and business, but I do not respect him as a wrestler. To be a World Champion you have to operate like a World Champion and Mr.Cena does not.
Not only does he lack the in-ring abilities of a World Champion, he lacks the mannerisms of one. His attack on Chris Jericho last week was less than World Champion-like. To disrespect a legend like Chris Jericho, a five-time World Champion, the only man to hold the Intercontinental Championship on eight different occasions, is a big no-no.
Cena got what he deserved when Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu attacked him last night on RAW, and seeing Orton drive Cena's skull into the concrete was an early Christmas present for me!
Armageddon will close out the year of 2008 and it will also close out John Cena's reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

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